I’m a 36 year old female who has a a love for almost everything sci-fi and fantasy, especially Supernatural, Buffy, and Merlin.  I love books, of which my favorite is Dune, and I tend to dance around my room to random music.

I graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from Bloomsburg University and I miss the theatre terribly.  I used to act, stage manage, build sets, master electrician, and costume design.  I think I would give anything to be back in the theatre.

I do consider myself a follower of Christ, in which I believe in Jesus and that he died for our sins, I’ve been saved by Jesus Christ, baptized through water, and baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar 1 type. I also have general and social anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder. But none of them define me. I am a person first, with those as little add-ons. 

If you find me interesting  click on the “follow me” button on the sidebar.  And if you ever want to chat, find me on twitter as jennlyn81

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