As some of you know I’m taking masters courses for Pastoral Counseling (no, you don’t have to be a Pastor lol).  Most of the books are very interesting to read, but there’s one who’s chapters are like a novella.  But the last one… has me at a very confusing spot.

I am not able to reconcile what the book says about counseling and my actual experience.  All the books tie in Christian Counseling with secular counseling for a more effective way of Counseling in general.  This book, however, talks about Biblical Counseling (different from Christian Counseling… that means all the other books).

The author repeats himself throughout the book saying that the only way to Counsel is to say that the Bible is sufficient for working through issues.  Now, I had (generally) very successful counseling (I’m not even talking about meds… the author goes kind crazy at the mention of it).  I honestly loved most of my counselors.  It was the Psychiatrists that made me change so often.

I agree with the Christian Counseling books.  By exposing a client to both spiritual and general psychiatry, you give the client means to pull from both to let them succeed.  So, when someone says that the only thing we need to counsel is the Bible, that is truly terrifying for me… mostly because if you think that the Bible is the be all end all, then what do you do with my situation?

Now, I’m not bashing the Bible.  I think it is necessary.  I gain wisdom from it.  It’s the backbone of Faith.  That’s why I think a blend would be good.  But if I had never gone to psychiatric counseling and instead JUST went to a Bible-based therapy/Counseling, I wouldn’t have gotten the correct care for what I experience.  Yes, there are verses in the Bible that are quite effective even towards my situation.  But what about symptoms such as hallucinations, drastic mood changes, etc.?  They would, essentially not be treated.  There are Christian Psychiatrists, but the Bible-based counselor won’t even refer a patient to them.

I get upset when reading this book.  It is definitely well-written, though, so it’s quite easy to read.  I still read it for assignments, but I don’t like it.  As I said, I get upset.  Primarily because I am seeing myself in place of the patients, and continue to wonder about how my illness would be treated.

I’d be really interested in some of the Christian bloggers that follow me have to say about this.  And if you have a belief in Biblical Counseling, just let me know why.  I’m curious.  And just for reference, I have Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar type.  And I’m medicated.

Perhaps the book will be better.  At this point, the author is focusing on Solution-based counseling, and I find that fascinating.  It’s started to lose the negative writing that was in the first two chapters as well.

Anyway, I need to go to bed.  I have to wake up early to write a paper lol.


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1 Response to Reconciling?

  1. Heather says:

    Hey Harley, what is the book you are referring to? I’d be interested to know.

    Second, I believe that the Lord empowers people with amazing gifts – regardless of whether they have faith in Him or not. I was in counseling after my divorce. My counselor was a Christian. However, he gave me secular-based and biblical-based books to read as I worked through my issues. I appreciated that approach as it allowed me the opportunity to glean concepts from knowledgeable and wise people who either had traveled a similar journey and had nuggets to share or had insights that could help me.

    Third, I love, love, love the encouragement and inspiration I receive from my bible reading. I do believe there are great truths to be gained from this amazing book. I do believe that its words are inspired by God and that He has something phenomenal to say to me as I read and meditate.

    Fourth, I believe your experience counts. You found practitioners who impacted your life for the better. That’s fantastic! I am so glad for you and so glad that you have found a way to move forward in life in health, in strength, and in faith.

    I will also say that as someone who has attended the university that you are attending – there is a massive emphasis placed on applying Biblical truth to your work. I believe that this particular book that you are reading fits into that focus.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share,


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