Writing a Book?

So, I’ve been thinking for a couple of years now about writing an autobiography dealing with my mental illness.  The seed was put into my head by one of my psychiatrists in 2012, since I remember vividly so much that has happened to me over the years.  The only problem is… how do I start?  Do I go chronologically?  Do I only highlight the weird?  What should I do?  And not only that, but I’m a loser when it comes to active vs. passive voice.

So I ask my writer friends on here about where to start.  Outline?  Prologue of one of my incidents?  Ahhh!  It’s so frustrating to get started!  But I think once I know where and what I want the process won’t take too long to do (well, barring my concentration and how long my nails are at the time lol) since I’m writing about ME and talking about MY life instead of making up characters.

I just don’t want it to be boring either.  All the other autobiographies I’ve read about Bipolar Disorder or Major Depression have all these hospital stays and glaring, in your face, scary stuff.  I think I’m a little more boring, seeing as I didn’t go into a mental ward until I was 31 (and this all started when I was 14) thanks to my dad from keeping me out of one.  I did have breakdowns.  I did have casual sex for a good part of my adult life.  I did have horrible medication effects.  I did finally crack when I was 31 and had to go to the mental ward of a hospital.  I did attempt suicide.  I mutilated myself.  But it all seems so blase compared to these other books.  Not that I would want to live in their world, but that I don’t know if I can write what I felt when things happened, how scared I was… or how overly happy I was.

Regardless, I’m going to attempt to write something like that… I just need advice from people who have been writing awhile to my actual author friends.  And I need to learn how to write without parenthesis or ellipses.  Definitely hard for me.

Anyway, I’m going to go and see if I can go back to sleep anytime soon since I’m up again in the middle of the night.  Thanks in advance, lovely people. 🙂

About I.V.

38 year old woman with Schizoaffective, Bipolar type. I'm also intelligent, mostly positive, fandom junkie. Oh, and I have two cats: Zim and Gir... they're 13. So... fandom junkie? Ah, yes. Supernatural, Merlin, Buffy tvs, Angel the series, LOTR, Harry Potter, old x-files. I also like anime and and Manga. farvorite anime? Vampire Knight... and it cannot be dubbed! I also like plenty of others, I think of Elfin Leid when I say that... oh, and Blood+. Favorite Manga? Junjou Romantica, Vampire Knight, Loveless, Gravitation. I like the anime for these as well if they have it. Books: Dune, Good Omens, HP, LOTR, The Hunger Games, Wicked, the Southern Vampire Series, Snow Crash, American Gods, Pride and Prejudice, comics. Movies: The Boondock Saints, LOTR, HP series, Girl Interupted, SLC Punk, Walk Hard: the Dewie Cox Story, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Foxfire, Empire Records, Star Wars (only episodes 4-6), Iron Man (both of them), Thor (1&2), The Avengers Video Games: Dragon Age 1,2 and Inquisition, Kingdoms of Amalur, Little Big Planet, Star Ocean. I also love watching other people play Mass Effect, Dead Space and all the above mentioned games Oh, and I love Sushi :)
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8 Responses to Writing a Book?

  1. DazRevan says:

    Not everyone does, but I’d recommend an outline. I attempted my book two time without an outline and you just get lost in the shuffle, now I have a full outline that gives me direction. As for how to start it, do what feels right for you. Maybe write a page for each beginning you have in mind and see which you like. Good luck, and I hope you keep us posted through your processes. I’m pretty new to WordPress but I hear people are really helpful on here. 🙂


  2. -j says:

    Thanks for the input! I’ll keep it in mind. I was thinking about an outline too…mainly for each subject, etc. May I ask what your book is about?

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  3. DazRevan says:

    I suffer with Hypnagogic hallucinations-it’s a sleep paralysis. Doctors say it branched from my depression-So I’m writing a fictional book about it which has a supernatural spin on it. I posted the first draft of chapter one but it still needs a lot of work. Critique is wanted if your interested.


  4. -j says:

    I’m definitely interested! I like things with supernatural things, even though it is a real illness.

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  5. nytewulf says:

    If I may: This may sound complicated, but try a little of everything. Write out a basic outline that goes through the chronology of your life. That way, you won’t miss anything, per se. Then, you can decide what sorts of things you want to include and in what order; whether you want things to be about the journey or the impact; and you decide how to highlight the important bits as you will have had a chance to understand how things came together (if you don’t already).


  6. -j says:

    That sounds like an interesting idea. Part of me wants it to be chronological, but another part of me wants it to focus on certain issues at certain times.


  7. DazRevan says:

    Thanks. It’s definitely a real illness, and it’s terrifying. So I figured it would make for a good story. I made it supernatural so I had plot.


  8. Harley Quinn says:

    I’m so sorry I left so abruptly from this blog! how are you doing on your book?


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