The Hunger Games

diner night was, as usual, pretty amazing.  i also started book 2 of The Hunger Games which i’m sure i’ll finish sometime in the next few days if not tomorrow.  and then i have to buy the 3rd one (the first two i got for free from a friend).  honestly, not since harry potter has a book enthralled me so much that i can’t put it down.  and this says a lot.  i mean, i LOVED the millenium series (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.), but young adult novels that are GOOD are so hard to come by nowadays.  instead we get books like the twilight series (sorry for all those who like it, but… meh) which have quite a questionable writing style and unrealistic expectations of “teenage” love.  i’m sorry, but edward was a stalker.  The Hunger Games, while it changes tenses sometimes has a flow to it that is incredible.  it literally had me on the edge of my seat the entire read.  so far book two is even more enjoyable than the first as it delves into the politics of the districts and seems to be even a bit edgier.  i highly recommend this book to anyone who has been disenchanted by young adult novels as of late and even to readers who don’t regularly read young adult novels.  Absolutely phenomenal.

About I.V.

38 year old woman with Schizoaffective, Bipolar type. I'm also intelligent, mostly positive, fandom junkie. Oh, and I have two cats: Zim and Gir... they're 13. So... fandom junkie? Ah, yes. Supernatural, Merlin, Buffy tvs, Angel the series, LOTR, Harry Potter, old x-files. I also like anime and and Manga. farvorite anime? Vampire Knight... and it cannot be dubbed! I also like plenty of others, I think of Elfin Leid when I say that... oh, and Blood+. Favorite Manga? Junjou Romantica, Vampire Knight, Loveless, Gravitation. I like the anime for these as well if they have it. Books: Dune, Good Omens, HP, LOTR, The Hunger Games, Wicked, the Southern Vampire Series, Snow Crash, American Gods, Pride and Prejudice, comics. Movies: The Boondock Saints, LOTR, HP series, Girl Interupted, SLC Punk, Walk Hard: the Dewie Cox Story, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Foxfire, Empire Records, Star Wars (only episodes 4-6), Iron Man (both of them), Thor (1&2), The Avengers Video Games: Dragon Age 1,2 and Inquisition, Kingdoms of Amalur, Little Big Planet, Star Ocean. I also love watching other people play Mass Effect, Dead Space and all the above mentioned games Oh, and I love Sushi :)
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